Cybersecurity 4.0 Barometer

The Barometer is designed and produced by NetConsulting cube, a consulting and analytical firm specializing in the digital technology market, InTheCyber Group, an elite reality in auditing and consulting for Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Defense, and with the sponsorship of EUCACS (European Center for Advanced Cyber Security).

The purpose of the initiative is the feeding of a permanent Observatory on the topic of Cyber Security, analyzing trends and evolutionary perspectives of this sector and providing an assessment of the maturity level of Italian companies based on a well-defined Maturity Model (Initial, Repeatable, Defined, Managed, Optimized).

  • Status quo of strategies implemented in traditional IT Security and planned developments
  • Measures taken/to be taken with  the development of IoT products and services
  • Cloud & Security: threats and opportunities
  • Measures taken/to be taken to safely manage the Supply Chain
  • Measures taken/to be taken to safely manage 5G
  • Analysis and positioning of panel companies on Cybersecurity Maturity model highlighting gaps and actions to be taken
  • Definition of the
    overall scenario
    – Providing a comprehensive picture describing the current situation of Italian companies in terms of policies, strategies, models and tools related to Cybersecurity

  • Analysis and positioning of the companies
    of the panel-periodically monitoring cybersecurity investments and trends and building a Cybersecurity Maturity model that highlights gaps and actions to be taken by the companies under analysis

  • Analysis
    Of the level of adoption of tools/methodologies for the
    protection of data
    and systems
Barometer 2023

We are pleased to announce the publication of the Cybersecurity Report 2023, a project carried out in collaboration between AISIS, NetConsulting Cube and the EUCACS (European Center for Advanced Cyber Security), now in its seventh edition this year.

First and foremost, the Barometer represents a community of excellence made up of senior executives responsible for cybersecurity (CISOs) and information security (CSOs) at major Italian companies. These professionals meet regularly to share their expertise and explore crucial topics in cybersecurity.

Annual activities include a permanent observatory dedicated to analyzing the cybersecurity organization of Italian companies. This observatory analyzes major existing disparities, current spending trends and investments in the sector.

The data are collected through a questionnaire developed with input from an advisory board composed of CISOs and CSOs from a dozen or so Italian companies, spanning a variety of sectors, including some Public Administration entities.

At the end of the data capture and analysis period, we will share with all participants not only the overall results of the survey, but also a personalized assessment of each organization’s level of cybersecurity maturity in comparison with other leading companies in the industry. Importantly, the identity of companies will be kept completely anonymous.

It is critical to note that all data collected will be treated confidentially and aggregated by NetConsulting Cube. In addition, a confidentiality agreement (NDA) can be established to ensure maximum protection of sensitive data.