II Information Warfare Conference

New threats from cyberspace to Italy’s national security

Held in Rome in October 2010, the first Annual Conference on Information Warfare brought together for the first time authoritative representatives from all strategic components of the system-country: government institutions, armed forces, intelligence services, police forces, businesses, banking institutions, academia and scientific research. The Conference was held with the purpose of analyzing cyber threats, Italian national security and to identify the most effective countermeasures and strategies to protect Critical Infrastructure.

The transformation in the field of information and communication technologies has resulted in new types of conflict and new forms of threats to the security of states and the international system. The processes of computerization and interconnection of services have resulted in new points of vulnerability and consequently new types of attacks.

The information war is fought in “non-space” and therefore does not always have well-defined contours: the enemy is difficult to identify, and even the line between legality and illegality sometimes eludes.

If the cyber space is a new battleground and geopolitical competition, it is necessary to make an innovative contribution of ideas and proposals useful for the elaboration of an Italian national strategy in the field of Information Warfare, Cyber Defense and Network Intelligence.

The Conference was conceived by the University of Florence’s Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSSI), Link Campus University, the Center for “Gino Germani’ Studies and the Institute for Forecasting Studies (ISPRI) in agreement with Maglan Europe, a leading international auditing and consulting firm for Defense Information in the civil, military and governmental sectors.