II Information Warfare Conference

Cyber intelligence challenge to the Italian system: from enterprise security to national security

Held in Rome in October 2011, the second Annual Conference on Information Warfare brought together, as was the case in 2010, authoritative representatives from all strategic components of the Italian system (government, armed forces, intelligence services, police, business, finance, academia and scientific research) to delve into topics such as cyber security, cyber espionage, cyber threat and illustrate the most important prevention measures and countermeasures, such as cyber intelligence.

The use of electronic tools and the Internet is now daily and shared by the vast majority of the population: the threat, therefore, becomes “cross-cutting” as the vulnerabilities of individuals can be exploited to obtain key information about both individuals and their social and professional fabric.

The conference aims to demonstrate that tools to combat the cyber threat must always be up-to-date and ready for use.

The underlying themes of this conference were mainly two:

  • To deepen knowledge and increase awareness among political and economic decision-makers in the system-Italy-of the emergence of new offensive and defensive cyber weapons, their future evolution, as well as the unprecedented problems they create for decision-making processes in the field of national security and the private sector.
  • Bringing together experts and analysts-from civilian and military government agencies, business and finance, universities and scientific research centers-to contribute ideas and proposals concerning:
      • The development of a national cybersecurity strategy for system-Italy;
      • the introduction of organizational innovations in the national security decision-making architecture with the aim of enhancing its capabilities for both prevention and effective and timely response to possible threats or cyber-war attacks against vital interests of our country.

The Conference was conceived by the University of Florence’s Center for Strategic and International Studies, Link Campus University, the “Gino Germani” Study Center, the Institute for Forecasting Studies (ISPRI), in agreement with Maglan Europe, a leading internationalnal in ‘auditing and consulting for information defense in civilian, military and government.