VII Cyber Warfare Conference

From cyber strategies and technologies against terrorism to IoT and Enterprise 4.0

Now in its seventh year, the National Conference on Cyber Warfare was divided into two editions: the one in Rome, June 22, 2016, dedicated to cyber strategies and technologies against terrorism, and the one in Milan, October 24, 2016, dedicated to the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

Our conferences emphasize the following concern: the holistic approach to Homeland Security, both at the strictly institutional level and within all its public or private components. This is why EUCACS (European Center for Advanced Cyber Security) was chosen.

The Center’s mission is to foster the development of working tables with the goal of defining strategies and tactics, designing scenarios, conducting theoretical and practical research, activating observatories, as well as implementing training initiatives.

This year’s event was sponsored by the Center for Strategic, International and Entrepreneurial Studies (CSSII) of the University of Florence, from the Institute for Forecasting Studies and International Research (ISPRI) and by the Center for Defense and Security Studies (CESTUDIS), and was designed in agreement with InTheCyber Group – an international leader in auditing & consulting in the field of Information Defense.

Previous editions have received the Medal of the President of the Republic and the Patronages of the Senate of the Republic, Chamber of Deputies, Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation, and State Police.

The conference benefited fromthe collaboration of Clusit (Italian Association for Information Security) and Cersa (Certification Body) and the sponsorship of Trend Miero and was sponsored by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of the Interior, as well as the Lombardy Region and the City of Milan.