X Cyber Warfare Conference

Evolution and New Frontiers of Warfare (Information, Cyber and Hybrid) – A Ten-Year History

Consisting of two editions, held on the first in Rome on July 9, 2019, at the Sala Gruppi of the Chamber of Deputies, and the second in Milan on Dec. 12, 2019, at the Atlantic Victory Hall of the Italian Air Force in Milan, the central theme was: “Evolution and New Frontiers of Warfare (Information, Cyber and Hybrid) – A Ten-Year History.”.

Ten years later-starting in 2009 and ending in 2019-the global landscape in cyber has changed considerably, becoming, as predicted from the very first editions of the CWC, a new domain of warfare. Within NATO it has recently been recognized by official act, while around the world the effects have been overtly manifested in different forms: from the provocation of kinetic effects by means of a cyber weapon to operations to influence public opinion.

Thanks to the support of consistently top-notch speakers, these scenarios have been analyzed, and we are pleased to say, anticipated during previous editions. This 10th edition aims to take the opportunity to analyze all these changes, on the geopolitical, strategic and technological fronts, laying the foundation for understanding the current world and future developments.

The Cyber Warfare Conference (CWC), aims to raise awareness among Italian policy and business decision makers of the growing strategic importance of Cyber Security. The gradual increase in the frequency of increasingly sophisticated and disruptive cyber attacks makes it a priority to introduce political-strategic, organizational, technological and cultural innovations that can ensure not only the security of critical national infrastructure, but also the protection of companies operating in sectors crucial to the development of the Italian economy.

This year’s event, sponsored by the European Center for Advanced Cyber Security (EUCACS), the Center for Strategic, International and Entrepreneurial Studies (CSSII) at the University of Florence, the Institute for Forecasting Studies and International Research (ISPRI) and the Center for Defense and Security Studies (CESTUDIS), is designed in agreement with InTheCyber Group – an international leader in auditing & consulting in the field of Information Defense.