13th National Conference on Cyber Warfare

Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy in the Cyber Age: Toward Cyberocracy?

June 9, 2022

Institute of Military Aeronautical Sciences


The irrepressible advance of technology in the cyber age requires us to reflect on what the effects may be on society and particularly on the conduct of politics, both domestically and internationally.

The purpose of the conference is to reflect on problems that will increasingly affect the ruling classes and citizens, and which therefore need to be thought about in advance in order to solve them as optimally as possible.


  • Eng. Paolo Lezzi (Conference Chairman, Executive Vice President EUCACS)
  • Gen. H.H. Silvano Frigerio (Commander of the AM Schools Command/3rd Air Region)
  • Prof. Umberto Gori (Scientific Director of the Conference, President CSSII, Emeritus University of Florence – “Democracy and Dictatorship in the Future: Hypothetical Cyberocracy Scenarios”)

Chair Eng. Paolo Lezzi

  • Min. Plen. Laura Carpini (Head of the MAECI Cyberspace Policy and Security Unit, “Cyber diplomacy, cyber deterrence and foreign policy”)
  • Dr. Antonio Iannamorelli (Telsy Government Affairs Director, “Industrial Supply Chains and Digital Sovereignty”)
  • Prof. Marco Lombardi (ITSTIME Director, Catholic University, “Forward Thinking: from Cognitive Warfare to the Metaverse, the New Intelligence”)
  • Dr. Francesco Bechis (Formiche Journalist, “Communication and Disinformation as Tools of Domestic and Foreign Policy”)
  • Prof. Michele Colajanni (University of Bologna, EUCACS President, “For a public and private digital culture: suggestions and problems”)
  • Cons. Andrea Mazzella (Head of Office VIII – Innovation, Start-up and Space Directorate General for the Promotion of the Country System – MAECI)

Prof. Michele Colajanni presides.

  • Adm. Giuseppe Cavo Dragone (Chief of Defense Staff “The AAF in Hybrid Warfare.”)
  • Hon. Giorgio Mulé (Undersecretary of Defense, “Cyber Tools and Operational Capability of the AAF”)

Chair Adm. Sq. Ferdinando Sanfelice di Monteforte (former Military Representative of Italy. to NATO and the European Union)

  • Prof. Luciano Bozzo (University of Florence, CSSII Director, “The influence of cyber domain on the grand strategy of the powers”)
  • Cons. Fabio Rugge (Deputy Permanent Representative to the Atlantic Council, Senior Associate Research Fellow Cybersecurity – ISPI, “Cyber and Power”)
  • Col. Giacomo Ghiglierio (Chief Cyber Operations Office, Network Operations Command – COR, “Effects of cyber on military operations”)
  • Prof. Mario Caligiuri (President Italian Society of Intelligence, “Cultural Context”)