Domestic and foreign policy: toward cyber democracy?

Also held this year was the National Conference on Cyber Warfare, with its 13th edition with the theme, “Domestic and Foreign Policy: Toward Cyberocracy?”

A first part took place on June 9, 2022 at the impressive former Air Warfare School now the Institute of Aeronautical Military Sciences (ISMA) in Florence and brought out the opportunities and risks of the profound change that the Cyber era is bringing to Res Publica, its management and international relations.

Cyberocracy is a form of government based on the effective use of information as the organizing principle of the art of governing. In this, the digital administrative function plays a key role, whereby information technology is a tool for public service delivery. This is why public-private partnership has a two-way relationship and not just a top-down one.

This first part of the CWC was intended to reflect on cyber problems of national interest, as well as to be a forum for discussion of solutions that need deep multi-sectoral analysis.

The second part of the conference, however, took place in Milan on November 30, 2022, at the Pirelli Skyscraper.

Having as its theme “The Challenges of Cyber Security to the Manufacturing Sector,” the importance of cyber security in this sector was presented.

Italy’s manufacturing sector has shown distinctive international vibrancy in the post-pandemic recovery, but that momentum risks being thwarted by inflation, rising energy prices and international conflicts, as well as compromised by possible cyber attacks. The cyber security of the production sector thus becomes an essential competitive factor, also contributing to the competitiveness of the Country System and its National Security.

The National Conference on Cyber Warfare (CWC) has been promoted since 2010 by the Center for Strategic, Interactional and Entrepreneurial Studies (CSSII) at the University of Florence, the European Center for Advanced Security (EUCACS), Cyber Academy and is designed in agreement with InTheCyber Group.