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Cyber Warfare Conference

From Passive Defense to Active Response: effectiveness and legitimacy of the active response to the cyber threat.
9th Cyber Warfare National Conference

Centro Congressi Palazzo Stelline,
Sala Leonardo, Corso Magenta, 61

12th December 2018
9.00 a.m.

Despite the steady improvement of the defensive techniques, with even more sofisticated identification and response solutions to the cyber attack, the impression that the cyber-attacker is always a step forward still remains.  Therefore it might be obviuos to wonder whether the old adage “the best defense is a good offense” is applicable also to cyber security, and possibly, by wich overtones and in what solutions. Topics such as preemptive attacks, hacking-back, concerning the military and companies field, will be discuss, analyzing the different pros and cons, the legal and ethical restrictions, as well as the necessary sinergies for the effective protection of the Country System.



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