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Cyber Warfare Conference

Evolution and new frontiers of the Warfare (Information, Cyber and Hybrid): a ten years history
10th National Cyber Warfare Conference



Italian Chamber of Deputies
Sala dei Gruppi Parlamentari
Via di Campo Marzio, 78

09th July 2019
10.00 a.m.






CWC reaches its tenth edition. Since 2009, the cyber scenario has changed considerably, becoming, as predicted since the very first editions of the CWC, a new domain of war. Within NATO, it has recently been recognized by an official act, while in the world the effects have become evident in different ways: from computer weapons causing kinetic effects,k to operations of influence on public opinion. Thanks to the support of high level speakers, these scenarios have been analyzed and foreseen during the previous editions. This tenth edition aims to analyze all these changes, in the geopolitical, strategic and technological domain, laying the foundations for the understanding of the current world and future developments.



Eng. Paolo Lezzi (Executive Vice President EUCACS, CEO InTheCyber Group)

Scientific Director:

Prof. Umberto Gori (Emeritus Università di Firenze, President CSSII e Director ISPRI)

Scientific Counsellor:

Prof. Eng. Michele Colajanni (President EUCACS & Director CRIS – Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia)

Adm.Sq. (ret.) Ferdinando Sanfelice di Monteforte


Eng. Paolo Lezzi (Executive Vice President EUCACS, CEO InTheCyber Group)

Prof. Umberto Gori (Emeritus Università di Firenze, President CSSII and Director ISPRI)

Colonel Ferdinando Munno (Comando Interforze per le Operazioni Cibernetiche – CIOC)

Cons. Fabio Rugge (Head of the Office NATO and Security and Politico-Military Strategic Issues – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation & Head of the Cyber Security Center of the Italian Institute for International Political Studies – ISPI)

Dr. Matteo E. Bonfanti, Ph.D. (Senior Researcher, ETH Center for Security Studies, Zurich)

Prof. Vincenzo Scotti (President, Link Campus University)

Prof. Eng. Michele Colajanni (President EUCACS & Director CRIS – Università di Modena e di Reggio Emilia)

Avv. Stefano Mele (Responsible of the Department “Diritto delle Tecnologie, Privacy, Cybersecurity e Intelligence”, Carnelutti Studio Legale Associate)

Dott. Lino Buono (Head of R&D – InTheCyber Group)

Prof. Mario Caligiuri (Università della Calabria)

Adm.Sq. (ret.) Ferdinando Sanfelice di Monteforte 


The CWC has always distinguished itself for the high level of professionalism, while often proposing innovative themes and maintaining a high level of independence. The promoters are mainly non-profit Associations and University Research Centers which are also involved in the production of the Proceedings which are distributed for free to the participants.

This year’s event, promoted by the European Center for Advanced Cyber Security (EUCACS), the Center for Strategic, International and Entrepreneurial Studies (CSSII) of the University of Florence, by the Institute for Forecasting Studies and International Research (ISPRI) and by the Center for Defense and Security Studies (CESTUDIS), is conceived in collaboration with InTheCyber – international leader in auditing & consulting in the Information Defense field. Previous editions have received the Medal of the President of the Republic and the Patronages of the Senate of the Republic, Chamber of Deputies, Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation, State Police.

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