COVID infection with its pervasiveness, aggressiveness and invisibility, shows us in a striking way how humans, with the Cyber threat, have simply tried to copy what already exists in nature. This specific situation has, and still is testing not only individuals, but the entire system. In the first session of 12 May we intend to go over some of the main aspects that have characterized our resilience capacity.

This situation, which has been prolonged over time, has radically changed our lifestyle, work organization, and our way to conceive the enterprise and the role of the institutions, first of all from the health care, to the governmental and military ones. Many are confused and uncertainty about what’s coming, but others have already reacted and they’re thinking about the future with a renewed creativity, energy, and, above all, tenacity.

Therefore, we thought of a cycle of thematic Webroundtable to help build the National Restarting supported by authoritative speakers and moderators.