European Center for Advanced Cyber Security


The Cyber Threat is growing and so is the urgency to urge consciences to recognize it and mobilize against it. To address this need, we have chosen to take a more effective, tangible, everyday approach: EUCACS, a constant hub of research, a place of unstoppable thinking, and an accessible source of knowledge at all times.

EUCACS, which stands for European Center for Advanced Cyber Security, was founded in 2016 through a collaboration between CESTUDIS, ISPRI and InTheCyber. Over time, these organizations have joined forces through the Cyber Warfare Conference (CWC), an event where professionals and authorities could discuss and bring to attention the most pressing cybersecurity challenges.

The uncontainable advance of technology in the cyber age requires us to reflect on what the effects might be on society and particularly on the conduct of politics, both nationally and internationally.

The conference aims to explore the issues of the digital age, which will increasingly affect ruling classes and citizens, requiring advance thinking to address them as effectively as possible.